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December Daily: 10th – 18th

It’s been a busy few weeks. Today, I start a new job. I’m both excited & nervous for the future ahead, but it will be good, because God said so and I’m pretty sure he’s always right.

The 10th – December Daily

It was an errand kind of day. We went to Pearl and got glasses. Brian was silly putting on all the different types of glasses as a joke. I especially love him in the “professor” look. Then I headed off to the hair salon

The 11th – December Daily

We had some friends over to play dutch blitz and enjoy dinner

The 12th – December Daily

I saw Santa & Mrs. Claus!

The 13th – December Daily

The most beautiful Christmas tree I’ve ever seen

The 14th – December Daily

My friend, Amy Parsons, got this idea from Pintrest. You paint your nails any color and then add glitter. If you’re married, add it to only one finger, your ring finger. If you’re single/unmarried, add it to all fingers. I thought it was super cute….so I did it.

The 15th – December Daily

The elf has struck all over this house. He’s driven in a Barbie car, hung out with his friends in a Santa hat & made a kool-aid angel

The 16th – December Daily

A Christmas party to begin celebrating the birth of our Savior!

The 17th – December Daily

Edited pictures and stayed in my pajamas until noon :) Then we wrapped presents all night.

The 18th – December Daily

Picked up Abbey from my mom’s. She’d been wearing this hat for two days….

I got my new editions of Project Life this week. The Cobalt and the Clementine. I couldn’t resist buying both. I started putting everything together yesterday. I only had a small window of time, but I’ll post pics of my PL by week during 2012.

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December 9th – Project Life

We had a great day yesterday! We went to a Christmas party & had a blast! Our favorite part was when we went outside & made s’mores

Later, when we got home, we found the Elf all snuggled in Abbey’s room reading her Christmas books



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December 8th – Project Life

Worked during the day & then headed to the gym.

Came home to a nice fire & dinner.

I was sitting by the fire talking and Brian & Abbey were trying to act like they were listening to what I was saying. Yea, right…

Hey, at least Abbey made the nice list before Santa’s elf saw this picture

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December 7th – Project Life

I sat in meetings all day… came home & made a little dinner for Abbey & I since Brian went to his men’s group.

What really made my day was when

#1 I realized that Becky Higgins’ 2012 Project Life Core Kits were out
See It Here

#2 I realized that our double camping chair that we accidentally left at the Christmas parade on Friday was found.

It’s the little things people….

Our Elf decided he was too high on candy & moved to tea.


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December 6th – Project Life

Spent the day at work enjoying our holiday party then headed to traffic court to face a “running a stop sign” charge. Luckily I got my charge reduced & no points

That elf, I’ll tell ya, Abbey’s not going to have much candy left if he doesn’t stop his mischief!



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December 5th – Project Life

Yesterday, we prepared for a pot luck at the office today. I made homemade cupcakes & green bean casserole

Then our Elf decided to settle in for an all night bubble bath



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20 Pictures Of The Day

It’s been a busy December so far and if I had my way, I would have done a “25 days of December” scrapbook like Ali Edwards does.

but I didn’t make that happen… so, I am going to share my photo of the day each day for the rest of the month – through Christmas.

We’ll wrap the first days of December here…

We’ve had an elf floating around from here to there.  I forgot to move him one day and it was quite hilarious the story we had to make up to cover that one.


We celebrated the birthday of a friend over at Longhorn Steakhouse.  We tried getting them to embarrass him but they “don’t embarrass people” apparantly. 


We spent Saturday at home and headed downtown for the Christmas Parade in the evening.  It was the best one we’ve seen thus far. 


Today that little elf got into Abbey’s halloween candy and was just about to steal the PEZ

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2012 Word Of The Year


Lots to come on this but the first step is to get a great planner that keeps my life in one place… Complete


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Turkey Cake Pops

Abbey & I had a great time making these!

They were supposed to be cake pops, but we realized (the hard way) that after all the candy corn was on the turkey it was too heavy for a stick.

Here’s the finished product.



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Something I Need To Be Reminded Of: Often

My favorite blogger has done it again!

What I needed today:


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